Momentum Physiotherapy offers a complete range of orthopaedic physiotherapy services for patients with lifestyle or life-experience related pain. While focusing on the micro in your body we keep the big picture in mind which is improving your quality of life.

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New Patient Assessment

Every body tells a story, and your initial consultation will allow us to read further into how we can help. Your pain assessment and biomechanical exam are critical pieces of the puzzle, helping us determine a clinical diagnosis. With the right diagnosis, the treatment plan is easily outlined.


Here, we create a customized care plan, which can be implemented with soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, dry needles, or acupuncture. This service often has a test/retest component to it, where practitioners will look for a change to occur once the stimulus has been applied. While everyone’s response is unique to their situation, most patients experience substantial improvement over the initial visits.

Therapeutic Pilates

Pilates aims to respond and adapt to the latest research on pain, fitness and biomechanics by implementing emerging teaching techniques. Because of its versatility, Pilates is an amazing fitness modality that can meet the needs of all fitness levels and abilities. This adaptable movement practice offers a low-impact option for people with varying forms of physical limitations, as well as individuals who suffer from chronic pain and illnesses. Pilates is also able to target higher-level techniques for advanced participants.

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