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Physiotherapy Treatments

A customized care plan to minimize pain, restore and maintain your mobility through therapies such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, dry needles, or acupuncture.

Active Physio Program

This exercise service is influenced by many movement modalities including Therapeutic Pilates, Yoga and strength training. It helps you regain control of your recovery journey, empowering you to make small, yet significant changes to your daily life.

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Conditions Treated

Everyday Aches & Pain

Determining precisely what is causing pain and what can be done to fix the pain comes easily with our knowledge and skills. Let us help us address pain complaints from head to toe.


Many people think nothing can be done to help with the pain of arthritis, physiotherapy is an important part of treatment to help manage it. Your physiotherapist will tailor your treatment program to help improve strength and mobility.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative physiotherapy helps to restore optimal mobility and improve body function. It can also aid in building muscle strength, improving posture, as well as balance.

Back Pain

Back pain includes, the neck, spine, lower back and in between your shoulder blades. Luckily, physiotherapy can help to find the root cause, restoring your mobility, and reducing the chances of chronicity.

Activity Related Injuries

Enjoying an active lifestyle sometimes comes with a price… injury. Rest assured we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that helps improve strength and flexibility, decreasing your chances of reinjury.

Chronic Pain

Many patients with chronic pain have great success with physiotherapy, as it reduces inflammation, stiffness, and soreness with exercise, manipulation, and massage. We also look at the toll that persistent pain has had on your life and discuss strategies to help you return to what you love.

What they are sayinG

Our Beloved Patients

"Incredibly knowledgeable. She has given me back the ability to do the things I love. Thank you, Shannon!"

Leanne Jamieson

"Shannon is caring, compassionate and non judgemental. She treats the whole person, not just the physical one. I highly recommend Shannon as she is a truly talented and amazing physiotherapist. She helped get me back to my busy, active life. Thank you so much Shannon. "

Linda Hanton

"Shannon is a healer in so many ways. I have suffered with chronic pain for many years. Shannon's hands and mind truly amaze me. She always has tips and exercises for me, to help in the meantime.If you are looking for all over health maintenance, Shannon Marion is the one for you."

Susan Blois
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